Trait Sniper

Snipe Rare NFTs

Immediate ranking on revealing collections. Instant buy with customizable gas. Advanced filters for every trait. And real-time event feed. Welcome to Trait Sniper.

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Fast reveal. Fast ranking. Fast profit.

Enjoy the front seat of every reveal. Revealing are detected instantly. Bot alert on every reveal so you don't miss anything. Every collection have full rarity ranking in 30 seconds.

List of recent collections

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Revealing Alert

Alerts for revealing projects

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Reveal Request

Subscribers request reveal

Filter by trait. And rank. And price.

Sniper-made filters let you browse NFTs any way you want. Intuitive design makes it easy to find and sort NFTs by trait, rank, or price. Easily share your NFT with others by link.

Filters in the app

Subscriber Exclusive

Click. Click. Bought.

Our subscribers snipe rare NFTs while others are still waiting. With customizable gas setting and built-in MetaMask and OpenSea integration, you will be far ahead of the crowd.

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Snipe with the world

The real-time Event Feed keeps you always updated. Different filters and layouts to suit your need. You can even detach it to its own window.

Event Feed inside main appEvent Feed detached window

In case you missed anything